How to Research a Craft Show

I want to talk today about how to find craft shows that are a great fit for your products — because those are the ones that will make you the most money. (By the way, I’ve got a little freebie for you today, so make sure to keep reading.)

Whenever I’m considering a new show, I gather all the information I can. Putting effort into really checking out a show before you apply will help lessen the risk of a bad show.

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3 Craft Show Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business from

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of crafters make some pretty basic mistakes while participating in craft shows. Some, like not pricing your items or forgetting to display your business name, are pretty basic. These basic mistakes are easily avoided with proper preparation.

Other mistakes are harder to spot and are usually committed because everyone seems to be doing them. But if you’re serious about growing your handmade business through craft shows,

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POST rejection reasons (1)

If you’ve ever been rejected from a craft fair, you know first hard that rejection sucks. It’s something that happens to all of us, and still, even with that knowledge, it still sucks.

If you’re brave enough to approach an organizer after a rejection, you’ll probably get a stock answer such as “we had too many of your category apply.” And while, yes, that may be true, it still doesn’t completely answer why your work wasn’t selected.

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